The Best In-Home Dog Training Mississauga has to Offer!

In-home training is the best solution for dogs with behavioral problems that exceed the typical “in need of basic obedience training” diagnosis. If your dog exhibits anxiety, leash reactivity, hyperactivity, poor greeting behavior, excessive chewing, excessive barking, excessive digging, aggressive behavior, or fails to house train, Maple Leaf Dog Training can help.

In-home dog training Toronto¬†In-home training is the ideal route for these issues because it keeps your dog in his/her comfort zone and keeps you involved in the training process. You’ll learn everything I know about communicating with your dog, and by the end of the program you’ll not only have a more well-behaved pet, but also a relationship built on a foundation of trust and respect. As the owner, you will be equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools to help your dog and bring a happy, stress-free life into your home, on walks, at vet visits, at the dog park, anywhere!

Group training programs can be effective when teaching basic obedience, but if your dog is too hyperactive, anxious, or aggressive to focus on training in a group setting you’ll just waste your time and money. Many group training programs don’t accept dogs with these types of issues for that very reason. Board and train programs allow the trainer to work one on one with your dog, but it also cuts you out of the equation and puts the dog in a strange environment. While a trainer can take your dog and fix all the problems, if the owner is not involved and does not know how to maintain the consistency of the training, you’ll end up with a much lighter wallet and the risk of your dog reverting back to his/her’s old problematic ways.

In-home training holds the highest success rate because it allows trainers to customize the program to suit your lifestyle and your dog’s needs, keeps you at the forefront of training, and eases your dog into his/her new regimen. It’s important that your dog learn not only to listen to their trainer, but also to you, the owner. I focus on strengthening the human/canine relationship as well as solving your pet’s behavioral problem.

If your dog needs more than simple basic obedience training, give Maple Leaf Dog Training a call at 800.649.7297, or send me an e-mail through our contact form. In-home training is the only way to get your dog back in behavioral shape for good. Let me show you how I can help.