Why is Puppy Training Important? – Dog Training GTA

Why is Puppy Training Important? – Puppy Training GTA

I am a firm believer that while we may see our puppies as dogs as our babies, it is important to remember that they are animals; therefore they must be approached and treated and such. This is not to say I don’t love cooing at puppies, and I do follow a positive reward-based philosophy when it comes to training dogs, young or old. However, we must always remember that dogs think differently than humans. Their ability to retain memories is different. They are domesticated and truly are our best friends, but for us to be best friends to them, we must be realistic with our expectations and always aim to set them up for success.

However, when I think of training a puppy, teaching basic things like housebreaking or how to sit, I think how we teach our kids new things. For children, we do everything we can to get them in focused, distraction-free environment so that they can concentrate better (like a puppy). We start from the very beginning taking one step a time (with a child, we’ll start by teaching single or double digit numbers, before introducing trip. With a puppy, we’ll start by teaching sit or down, before introducing heel or come). Again, a child and a puppy are not the same, but we do follow a similar reward-based protocol, and always set things up so that there can be more chances of focus and success.

With my puppy training program, I want to set your pup up for success, not failure. I want to cover the commands and all, but I want to introduce behaviors to them that are appropriate, and are things that are fun and rewarding for the dog. I want you as the owner to be able to control and lead your puppy to successful situations, where he/she will understand you are the decision maker of the home, but will learn to make good decisions on their own. I want to incorporate the quadrants of operant conditioning, but I want to use positive reinforcement to instill better behaviors for the dog, and also build a relationship between dog and owner, based on trust and respect.

Like children, puppies need guidance, otherwise they are left to their own devices. If it is not communicated to the puppy that jumping on guests is inappropriate, they will continue to do so. If they are left with no boundaries or direction, they might decide anything is fair game, from marking territory in the home to even aggression. We must take care of our young dogs, and teaching them how to be a happy, obedient pup is part of being a good owner.

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